From: Justin Fultz
To: Vincent

To whom it may concern:

Vince Ferranti is one the most professional and honest inspectors I have met.  Vince looked at a job for me that was under claim by a major flooring manufacturer.  When the original inspector went out he took one look at and said nothing was wrong which anybody in the right mind could see was incorrect.  So, I had to hire Vince as a 3rd party inspector to address the situation and he went out within a couple of days from me contacting him to rectify.  Vince took pictures and used shadow boxes for everything, so I had the evidence I needed to turn in to get the flooring replaced for the customer.  I will be using Vince on any flooring claims in the future and have no problem recommending him to anyone.


Justin Fultz

Let Us Floor You, Inc.

From: Anthony Skaff

I had a VERY PROFESSIONAL wooden floor inspector examine my floor during the month of March 2018, which had significant issues.  My builder denied any liability or fault of the installation as it was past warranty by maybe three months.  I did; through my personal insurance company, contact Vincent Ferranti as recommended.  Vincent’s credentials were SECOND TO NONE.  His inspection was superb and thorough, every possible aspect was covered before any decisions were made.

I was more than satisfied with my choice of the inspection and would definitely recommend him to any person or firm needing his expertise. This case is currently pending legal review of the FACTS which were dismissed by the builder.

Sincerely yours,

Anthony Skaff

From: Anthony Skaff
To: Vincent

Vincent, just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the floor inspection .  After more inspections, by PULTE and installer, it was finally decided to have the entire floor replaced based on your inspection.

Thanks again.


From:  Thomas Holmesley
To:  Vincent,

FYI.  They refunded us the entire amount of the insurance claim for the flooring portion.  They are also going to pay for your services as well.

Thomas Holmesley

Production Manager

Southwest Specialty Food,
700 N. Bullard Avenue,
Goodyear, AZ 85338

From: Kevin Michael Gray
To: Vincent

Vincent with AZ Floor Inspectors was a life saver for our family! He investigated the reasoning behind over $20,000 worth of new exotic hardwood flooring buckling in our Mesa, AZ home.  Vincent identified faulty installation as the main culprit.  We submitted his thorough and very professional report to the Registrar of Contractors and now the contractor is replacing the damaged flooring per the Rocs’ request.

Thank you so much Vincent!  I’d recommend him to anyone needing an expert flooring investigator.

From: David Miller
To: Vince Ferranti
Subject: Thank you.

Mr. Ferranti,

I wanted to take time to say Thank You. Towards the end of March we reached a settlement with our complaint against Fulton Homes on our floor. Well Fulton just handed the letter siding with us right to Heritage and said “ handle this “

Now we have new flooring and love it.

Thanks , Dave Miller

From: Jen Shirkani
To: Vincent

I have been more than pleased with FCI and Vincent Ferranti. He promptly responded to my need for an inspection and was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. He is highly accredited and the report he prepared included important details based on his research of my specific products and home environment. He also followed up with me afterward and has made himself available for my follow up questions. He is a real professional and I highly recommend him and his services.

To: Vincent Ferranti

Thank you so much. I must tell you; this is the very Best inspection report in detail I have ever received.
Thank you so much
Have a great day!

Thank you!
Cindy Stiles
The Dixie Group
Claims Analyst

To: Vincent Ferranti
Subject: RE: Reference:166948

Thank you for a great job, as usual, and we appreciate your support and service. Thank you again.

Jim Hernandez
Royalty Carpet Mills

To: vferranti@cox.net
Subject: Our replacement carpet selection

Attachments: 2011-12-05 14.13.03.jpg

I just thought I would send you the info on the carpet we could select for our replacement that your report made possible. I think this carpet will do much better and look great. I kept in mind all of the tips you gave me and compared the spec sheet from the bad carpet with this one to make sure it had a better PAR and a tighter twist.

Thank you for your help and honesty; without your report, we would not have won our claim. We will referanyone we know who needs a flooring inspector to you.

Thanks Again,
Jessica Dreiling

To: Vincent Ferranti

Subject: Re: Claim # —–
Attachments: 13527 (Peaking – Gapping) Walter (Unilin). doc.pdf
Great report!!! Thank you so much! And I must admit I’m a sucker for colors, so the diagram was an excellent touch!!!

Thank you,
Gigi Visalli, | Product Claims Coordinator
Unilin Flooring

Subject: FCI referral

Hello Rick,
I just wanted to thank you formally for referring Vincent Ferranti at FCI to us. He has impressed both my husband and me with his extensive knowledge of the wood flooring industry. It’s guidelines and necessary processes. He has been extremely diligent and very detailed in both his inspection and his report. The situation we found ourselves in concerning our floors has been scary and very confusing for us. But Vincent has done a fantastic job at clarifying every concern and question we have had. I just wanted to let you know so that you may feel confident in referring him again.
Thank you for responding to me quickly with the information we have requested over the past few days. I am grateful for your quick response.

Kindest Regards,
Angela Terry

To: Vincent Ferranti
 Re: Inspection report

Hello, Mr. Ferranti! Thank you for the outstanding report you have created and the accompanying photos that document the problem. Thank you again for your exceptional service!

Roy Schoepf

 Re: Inspection report

You did a terrific job!
We will be forwarding a copy of everything to Olympic Contractors, LLC, with several suggested
proposals/options to remedy this situation. Wish us luck!
Once again, great job, and we appreciate all your hard work.

Best regards,
Don and Linda Weber

Subject: Carpet Inspection

Dear Vince,
Bill and I both thank you for your help with our carpet problems. Without your report, we would not havebeen able to get any money back from the Company that supplied the carpet. They deliberately scam us, provided inferior carpet, grossly overcharged us and were adamant they wouldn’t refund any money or replace the carpet.
Your report pointed out to them and the carpet manufacturer all the deficiencies, and the day before the ROC hearing, they backed down and gave us a fair refund.
We will always be grateful for your help, and we will refer anyone we know who needs a flooring inspector to you.

Thanks again,
Carole and Bill Corr

To: Vincent Ferranti
Subject: Hardwood Inspection

I want to thank you for the in-depth assessment of our hardwood floor. As you may recall, the
floor was very recently installed, and we found many hollow-sounding areas of the floor and places
where the floor made sounds when walked on. Your expertise regarding wood floor standards was evident when you evaluated the floor. Your comprehensive report was essential for us to demonstrate to the contractor that significant work was needed to address the improper installation.

Thanks again,

Thanks  Vincent,

It was a pleasure meeting you. Your attention to detail is commendable.Cheers,
Brian Flynn
Owner / Operator
Enmar H Enmar Hardwood Flooring dwood Flooring dwood Flooring
560 E Germann Rd. # 105
Gilbert, Az. 85297

To: Vincent Ferranti
Subject: Luxury Vinyl Plank Inspection

Hi Vincent,
We are delighted with the service you provided us this week. You were prompt in responding to our initial request, coming to inspect, and providing your detailed report. In the process, you patiently educated us to help us understand the issues and true concerns about our floor. It was a pleasure working with you; you exceeded our expectations.
Bill and Janet Holsten

FCI-Floor Covering Inspections
Goodyear AZ 85338

Dear Vincent,
It has only been a week since I first contacted you about our floor challenges. The reason I picked yourcompany was because of the many certifications you have and the litany of praise I saw from your prior clients.

Vincent, you exceeded our expectations in every way. From the quick manner you replied to my e-mail, to your visit to our home the very next day and finally and not least the concise and accurate report that you provided us. What you did was report the facts as they are. I was amazed at your eagle eye and how much more you saw than we did at the poor installation of the new floor coverings that were installed in our home.

I have provided the owner of the business the report and hope he will act in accordance with the findings that you provided us. He seemed very motivated when I told him I had used your company.
Thank you very much for your FANTASTIC service. If you have any clients that would like a reference, I hope you will consider me, and my wife Kary, as one of your advocates. We wish you continued success in all that you do.

Respectfully yours,
Ron & Kary Hill
Goodyear AZ 85395

If you need a great Certified Flooring Inspector, do not hesitate to use
Vincent Ferranti. My husband and I needed his help after we had a horrible
installation of plank wood flooring from a local Arizona Flooring Supply
Store. They provided their installers, and the job was done in a very
unprofessional manner. Vincent came out the next day after I called and
asked to hire him. He pointed out things that we would never have noticed
and did a comprehensive inspection.
The report he provided helped me get the satisfaction I was looking for with
the Flooring Company. I would never hesitate to refer him!
Kathy Rhubottom
Vice President
Signature Home Loans, LLC